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Friday, November 6, 2009

Guide For Every One Associated With Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research and Development Requirements of GMP Regulations of all Contries Documentatn

Friends i am a pharma professional .

I am working in a
pharmaceutical manufacturing company in USA.

Earlier I was a teacher in one of the best university pharmacy college in USA .
Now i am working as a head of a
pharmaceutical company and i guide QA QC research and development , manufacturing activities .

We are engaged in
development of novel drug delivery systems and dosage forms.

Now we are working in all possible directions to automate every possible thing and steps in pharmaceutical manufacturing , be it a sampling , dispensing , compounding , or quality assurance , or testing or a quality control procedure.

We are implementing FDA'S latest guidelines like "
Quality by Design concepts ". and so on .

My students and friends are spread all over this tiny world , and we want to share our knowledge with each other as quickly as possible.

For this purpose my students and friends have a developed a
website which i would like to refer it to you too.

We update this
website regularly, as and when we see any new development , just to share things quickly with my students and friends all around the world.
This website is today's one of the best knowledge resource for every individual working in pharmaceutical manufacturing , as well as for pharmacist , for a pharmacy student, even for a PhD student doing research in pharmaceutical technology, or medicinal chemistry( Many Research students(Phd) have given reference of this website in their research papers, thesis, presentations etc.) and for pharmaceutical manufacturing pharmaceutical research and development professional.
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subscribe to this website .

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